Bonamassa is a state of the art and dynamic company based in Veneto. It has the class 1IM type-approval of the Italian Ministry of the Interior and has several exclusive patents, such as “the bed that breathes” and Air System.

Research, statistical analysis, optimisation, state of the art technology, and customer satisfaction are Bonamassa’s main features. The Research and Development team is constantly at work in the company headquarters in Caselle di Santa Maria di Sala, where it analyses processes and products in order to improve them:

  • selection of innovative materials
  • weightbearing tests, shaping, and combination of different materials
  • computerised product performance tests
  • research on refined design and advanced technology
  • original and authentic solutions

In collaboration with major Italian and European research centres, the Bonamassa Research and Development department analyses the various manufacturing stages and processes, the setting in which they take place, and their target. The goal is to create a high-performance custom product:

  • every product is highly customised, unique and original
  • customers can choose size, shape, colour, finish, and cover
  • the label on the finished product shows the features of the product and the name of the customer