The excellence of Bonamassa products is the result of:

1. Top quality materials

The R&D team carefully selects top quality materials based on their specific properties and benefits to improve the quality of sleep as well as the hygiene and durability of the product. Bonamassa purchases its materials in Italy or in European countries renowned for the excellence of the resource.


Latex is a natural substance extracted from tropical rainforest rubber trees (Hevea Brasiliensis). This material dates back to the Maya, who used it for its extraordinary elastic properties. Latex has been used to make mattresses for over 50 years.

Water foam

Water foam mattresses are very flexible and are the result of the skilful combination of research and technology. Water foam is an ecocompatible material, in which water is the only blowing agent.

Memory foam

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, which contains a percentage of carbon not over 2.1%. The carbon particles combined with the microcrystalline structure of iron give steel its resistance, hardness, and elasticity, which are much higher than iron’s. This state of the art material is used in a large number of industries, thanks to its extraordinary properties, such as sturdiness and durability over time.


L’acciaio è una lega composta principalmente da ferro e carbonio, contenente una percentuale di carbonio non superiore al 2,1%. Le particelle di carbonio combinate con la struttura microcristallina del ferro conferiscono all’acciaio doti di resistenza, durezza ed elasticità molto maggiori di quelle del ferro puro e semplice. Materiale tecnologicamente avanzato, che ha trovato impiego in molteplici settori, grazie alle sue straordinarie proprietà, quali robustezza e inalterabilità nel tempo.

Beech wood

Due to its flexibility, beech wood was traditionally used to make cart wheels. This is one of the most durable and robust types of wood. Its flexibility makes it particularly suitable for curved profiles, such as bed slats. Beech is also perfect for ergonomic solutions that ensure a comfortable and restful sleep.


The wood used for the weight-bearing frame is beech plywood glued with low formaldehyde-emitting glue (class E1) in compliance with the EC standards. Each slat consists of superimposed layers of wood with fibres glued together and pressed at high temperature. This ensures elasticity, durability, and moist resistance.


Cotton is a vegetable textile fibre with thin white filaments two or three centimetres long. Cotton is extremely compatible with skin as it easily disperses heat giving a nice feeling of freshness. Moreover, it is delicate and hygienic, as it eliminates moist and perspiration.


 Wool is a natural textile fibre obtained from various types of animals. Keratin, the main component of wool fibre, is what gives wool its softness, elasticity, and thermal insulation properties, thanks to its thickness and the air retained between the fibres.

2. Certifications of the final product.

Certifications awarded by important international institutes guarantee the quality and provenance of the raw materials, their correct use, the quality of the end products, as well as ecosustainability:


All Bonamassa products are Made In Italy and comply with the IT01-100% Original Italian Quality system.


This international certification guarantees the purity of the latex used in Bonamassa products, their comfort, mould and bed bug resistance, and indeformability over time.


Bonamassa products meet all essential requirements to be sold and used in the European Union.



The German body, TUV Rheinland Product Safety, certifies that the motors used in Bonamassa bedsprings fall within low electromagnetic radiation parameters.


GS stands for “Geprüfte Sicherheit”, which means safety-tested. TUV Rheinland Product Safety certifies that Bonamassa bedsprings have been tested and are declared safe for users.


Safety, suitability, and resistance certification for products of everyday use.



Bonamassa bedspring slats have a low formaldehyde content, in compliance with the applicable EU standards.


CATAS is a certification body that specialises in durability tests. This certification guarantees the resistance of Bonamassa bedsprings having passed several stress tests (e.g. slat elasticity, frame sturdiness).


The quality management complies with ISO 9001 standards concerning continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.



Bonamassa mattresses and bedsprings are recyclable.


The international association, Oeko-TexR, certifies that textile products are free from harmful substances, in compliance with Oeko-TexR Standard 100.