All products are strictly Made In Italy

Bonamassa bedding has the IT01 – 100% Original Italian Quality certification awarded by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers. Two aspects guarantee the authenticity of the products:

Products are entirely made in Italy

Designing and manufacturing our products in our country means continuing and bearing the fruits of ancient artisanal tradition, which is the core of our cultural identity.

Top quality materials and process optimisation

Bonamassa uses only Italian semifinished products and materials. Every manufacturing stage undergoes stringent quality checks, from the selection of materials to knowing how to use them, from the production cycle to the finished product.

Ancient Italian craftsmanship

Italian craftsmanship is world renowned for its taste, eye for detail, elegance, and innovation. Bonamassa makes every product as a one-off designed and manufactured specifically for the customer.

Exclusive models and original design

The exclusive models of the Bonamassa range of products stand out for their natural and essential design. We believe that the bedding should meet every physiological requirement and allow for a natural, sound sleep.

Bonamassa, FederlegnoArredo, and EBIA together to promote the culture of a sound sleep

Bonamassa has always been deeply rooted in the territory. In its fifty years of activity, it has gradually intensified its collaboration with Confindustria Venezia. In Italy, there are approximately 1785 small mattress firms, most of which are dealers and not manufacturers. The number of manufacturers actively linked to Confindustria Venezia drops down to twenty. This number includes Bonamassa. We aim at contributing to the improvement of Italian-made quality in collaboration with those who share our goal.

In 2010-2011, research commissioned by FLA Sistemi Per Dormire had shown that Italians do not know much about important sleep-related matters, such as hygiene, breathability, and optimal durability of the products. “Riposo e Salute” (Sleep and Health), a project funded by Confindustria to promote the “culture of a sound sleep”, is the answer to this study.

Federlegno Arredo was established in 1945 as the Italian production chain in the wood and furniture industry. It is part of EBIA, the European bedding industries’ association, which promotes research and surveys to improve the quality of sleep in various countries of Europe. FLA is the ambassador of Italian living in the world. It defends Italian know-how and supports the development of local enterprises. The “Riposo e Salute” (Sleep and Health) project was launched in collaboration with six mattress firms, including Bonamassa, which, together Confindustria Venezia, have turned this idea into reality. The project was inspired by similar initiatives implemented by sister associations across Europe (e.g. The Sleep Council) and the United States (e.g. The Better Sleep Council).

Riposo e salute aims at promoting the “Culture of a sound sleep” through various online channels. The general objectives of the projects are:

  • Promoting the concept of “a sound sleep” through innovative, value-added activities
  • Educating end customers on the advantages of an excellent mattress
  • Creating brand awareness whilst representing the concept of a sound sleep