Our story begins with Giorgio Bonamassa’s dream: “making Italians dream well, and not only Italians”. In 1964, Giorgio moved from his native town, Oriano Calabro, to Milan, followed, a few years later, by his wife Maria. Their sacrifices, determination, and passion helped them build their experience and get to know other mattress makers. In 1967, the couple moved again. This time to Santa Maria di Sala, near Venice. The following year Giorgio and Maria opened their own industrial shed in Capriccio di Vigonza, near Padua.


In 1970, the couple’s son, Loris, was born and the famous orthopaedic mattress. This top-quality product was a huge success. In 1972, Bonamassa SPA was established. The company kept growing steadily both in Italy and in Europe until 1983, exporting its products mainly in Germany. Bonamassa soon became the leading brand in many department stores, such as Kadewe.


The company kept growing and expanding. The patented Air System was launched. A side strap that ensures maximum breathability, thanks to the eyelets and its special fabric. The Research and Development department kept growing, thereby ensuring an increasingly healthy, anti-allergy, and antibacterial product.


The traditional Bonamassa spring mattress was innovated with ergonomic, natural, and elastic latex. In 1993, Bonamassa had become a European leader in latex marketing and distribution. Two years later, Gruppo Sì was established, a cooperation of the mattress makers of the Italian tradition. In 1997, the class 1IM fireproof type-approval was extended to the hospitality sector. In 1999, the evolution of the patented Air System was launched to celebrate its 10th anniversary: Air System Respiro Blu.


In 2001, the second Bonamassa production plant was opened in Oriolo Calabro to allow the company to serve the entire country, from north to south. In 2004, the MAX-imo latex models, “latex that breathes Air System” were registered and patented. In 2007, the ranges of viscoelastic memory foam and water foam mattresses were added to the spring and latex ranges. That same year, the Relax armchairs, “relax that breathes Air System” were launched.

to present

2011 was the year when the “bed that breathes Air System” was launched for a healthy and restful sleep. Bonamassa’s care and attention to health led to the launch of the CE marked Medical Device range in 2012. The innovative Air System Attivo range, the first to be tested with the external hip rotator test, was launched in 2013. Custom sized and shaped mattresses for recreational vehicles are the latest addition to the range in 2014.

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