Custom mattresses and bedsprings

The range of special products is designed to meet the requirements of those who use recreational vehicles, such as caravans, campervans, lorries, motorhomes, yachts, and boats. The sleeping area in such vehicles is quite limited. Bonamassa has solved the problem with this range of custom mattresses, which vary in size, type of core, and shape. We can even meet individual requests by drawing and creating custom templates.

The mattress is covered with a 37 °C temperature-regulating fabric. It absorbs moisture, thereby reducing the perceived temperature and improving the quality of sleep. The lower part of the cover is made with a 3D fabric to allow continuous air flow. As a result, the mattress breathes more, thereby ensuring maximum hygiene and protection against bed bugs, bacteria, odours, and allergies. Moreover, the cover is removable and easily washed in the washing machine.

Find all the Bonamassa products and ideas for itinerant tourism enthusiasts in the catalogue. Here you can find the range of custom mattresses, as well as accessories and memory foam travel pillows. We guarantee a comfortable and restful sleep for everyone, everywhere.

Learn more about the innovative Air System patent

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