Bonamassa provides a range of anti-decubitus mattresses, which ensure proper back support, good blood circulation, and pressure relief.

Memory foam is the main material used for this type of mattress. Thanks to the comfort it provides, every part of the body is supported according to its weight and pressure without forcing unnatural postures.

The bedsprings and mattresses with the distinctive Sanity marking are Class 1 medical devices. This certification allows people with serious diseases with a medical prescription to benefit from a 19% tax deduction for medical expenses in EU member states (art. 15 of Italian Presidential Decree 917/86). Moreover, those who have a disability certificate (art. 4 of Italian law 104/92) is entitled to a 4% subsidised VAT rate

Anti-decubitus mattresses can be classified as Class 1 medical devices in compliance with directive 93/42/EEC. An Italian Ministerial Decree dated 20 February 2007 regulates the methods to register medical devices in a Directory with a number that ensures traceability and control on the market.

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