FLA Federlegno Arredo

Federlegno Arredo is the core of the Italian wood and furniture production chain. Since 1945, it has been defending Italian know-how and supporting the development of local enterprises, ambassadors of Italian living in the world. Bonamassa is an active member of FLA, together with other Italian entrepreneurs in the wood and furniture industry who share the will to grow and raise awareness. Conferences and market surveys are organised periodically to keep all members up-to-date with the latest developments, thereby allowing them to meet all market requirements.

Federlegno Arredo includes Assarredo, which, in turn, includes Sistemi per Dormire. Major Italian mattress, bedspring, sommier bed, and bedding manufacturers are part of this group, thereby covering the entire industry.

This group is also part of E.B.I.A.(European Bedding Industries' Association), which is open to associations of European mattress manufacturers, raw material manufacturers, and individual mattress manufacturers for countries without a national industry-related association.

The group’s activity ensures high quality mattresses and, therefore, high quality sleep. These two aspects are closely related and fundamental to ensure a restful sleep and recover physical and mental energy.

This is why, in 2013, a number of associated companies promoted the "Riposo e Salute" project. This communication project aims at promoting the "culture of a sound sleep", which is essential to one’s wellbeing and quality of life.