EBIA “European bedding industries’ association” was created in January 2000 and represents the interests of the European bedding industry. It includes 140 companies across Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.

Representatives meet every year to discuss relevant topics, new products, and issues concerning the industry. This association has an elected President and a staff headed by the Secretary General, who is located in Brussels, near major European Institutions to ensure a day-to-day service to the affiliates. The association also has a technical committee and a marketing committee to discuss and solve issues encountered by member companies. Ad-hoc work groups are also created for specific matters that may arise.

As a member of EBIA, the European bedding industries’ association, FLA takes active part in conferences and surveys organised to improve the quality of sleep across Europe whilst:

  • representing an industry that manufactures high quality products that focus on customers’ health and comfort;
  • being a voice in the sleep industry that interfaces authorities, dealers, and consumers;
  • encouraging national and international measures to promote the European sleep industry;
  • promoting personal contact and improve communication amongst its members.