Bonamassa has been manufacturing mattresses, bedsprings, beds, and pillows for 50 years and knows how to meet requirements in the residential, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

Dormiflex is Bonamassa’s parallel company, which operates across Italy. Its shops are scattered from north to south and it has two production plants, one in Santa Maria di Sala (near Venice) and the other in Oriolo Calabro (near Cosenza). Every production stage (design, manufacture, and sales) undergoes stringent quality checks. Refined materials, prestigious Italian manufacturing quality, and exclusive patents result in high quality products that ensure a sound and restful sleep. All this is demonstrated by the company’s many international certifications.

Over the years, the Bonamassa family has developed a solid and consolidated presence in the Italian and international market. Disseminating our high-quality products and the "culture of a sound sleep" is what drives us to keep up-to-date and provide state-of-the-art products that meet everyone’s requirements.