Air System Attivo is Bonamassa’s 2014 range, whose innovative structure helps maintain the spine healthy. The Air System Attivo mattress perfectly adapts to the body, helping it keep a correct posture during sleep. Spine elongation activates a beneficial rehydration of intervertebral discs.

The 4 layers that work in synergy ensure a restful sleep:

  • foam anatomical side with 7 different areas.
  • loadbearing structure made with independent cubes, which ensure perfect adaptability to the different body parts. In particular, a weightbearing insert in the lumbar area allows for spine elongation.
  • the micro massaging memory foam improves blood circulation and helps keep the spine in a natural position.
  • memory foam microcapsules enhance the refreshing feeling.

The cover, which has a breathable Air System side strap, is made of Micro Tencel, a natural soft, resistant and absorbent material. This keeps your body at the ideal temperature in any season, keeping you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

As it is an anti-decubitus support, i.e. it relieves the pressure of the body on a surface, Air System Attivo mattresses are classified as class 1 medical devices. The advantages for our health include:

  • reduced pressure of the body on the support surface
  • reduced friction and shear
  • heat and moisture dispersion
  • helps maintain a correct posture

The external hip rotator test

Air System is the first mattress to be tested with the external hip rotator test. To carry out this postural test, have the patient lying down on the mattress, and grasp his or her malleoli, performing a progressive symmetrical inward rotation.

This test proves the close relation between the support and posture. While on spring, latex, and memory foam mattresses the left foot will be more rotated internally than the right foot, on an Air System Attivo mattress, the two feet will be perfectly symmetrical, which indicates that the spine is kept in a proper posture.

Take a look at the catalogue to learn more about the advantages and specific features of the various types of mattresses, bedsprings, and pillows of the Air System Attivo range.

Learn more about the innovative Air System patent

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